We believe human communication is a lot like electricity. If you complete the circuit, people seem to light up. If fail to complete it, you’re in the dark. We want help you make your communication more meaningful so you light up the room.


Building on exclusive expertise honed by Hollywood actors, media strategists, and university pedagogy, we combine applied improvisation techniques with the latest research to simplify personal and professional communication. Our process is:

  • Experiential: Learn by doing.
  • Cognitive: Articulate it using terms that work for you.
  • Collaborative: Because communication is a two-way street.


  • Customized
  • Applicable
  • Practical
  • Smart


Rob Adler is a gifted coach who has helped train me and others on my team for trials and has provided unique understanding for witness preparation. He also has made it possible for me to be uniquely prepared for conferences and other public speaking engagements. His insight regarding people has translated into the most effective communication I have witnessed. My team and I agree Rob provides the best training experience we have ever had and he even makes it fun.
Toby Kleinman, Attorney

Medicine is a performance art. Every time I enter the room with a patient, she doesn’t care if my child is sick, my car was totaled or my electricity is off. She wants my undivided attention and that can take some serious acting skill. It has been recommended that medical students should take acting lessons for just this reason. Rob Adler’s teaching skills are efficient, get to the point, and provide techniques and scripts to help a physician master the appearance of empathy for those moments when it may be momentarily missing.
-Barbara Wolfson, MD

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